Burlesque for Valentina has always been about multi-tasking. How many different mind-boggling circus skills can she master WHILE taking it off? So far she has become one of the most celebrated Hoop-Burlesque performers in the world, and that is only the beginning! She has also successfully fused belly dancing, sword balancing, fire dancing and snake charming with burlesque.

The concept came innocently enough while she was practicing hooping outside her house one afternoon. She started to sweat and needed to cool down so she took off her sweater WHILE hula hooping around her waist without missing a beat! A light bulb went off! Suddenly she thought of all those times she saw Catherine D'Lish perform in her giant martini glass at her mother's Arabia Exotica events. "What if I could do a whole strip tease burlesque routine while hooping?" A mad dash to youtube yielded no truly impressive Hoop Tease videos and the challenge was on! She created her first Hoop Burlesque piece in 2008 and it was featured on Showtime's Live Nude Comedy shortly there after.

Now Valentina's Burlesque shows have become a form of expression that inspires other people to love their bodies as much as she is enjoying hers on stage. Truly feeling sexy and sensual on stage gives others the permission and courage to feel the same way about themselves, and THAT is why she does it! Learn Burlesque from Valentina in one of her various unique Burlesque class series, which usually have a performance opportunity! Email unitydances@gmail.com or call 858-344-2774 to book a burlesque show today!

Valentina's Slinky Hoop Burlesque at "Seduced by the Imaginarium Circus"

Vaudeville Vixens: 60's GoGo Burlesque