People's Choice Belly Dancer of the Universe, 2010!

Nominated as Fire Hooper of the Year by, 2012!

This versatile, vivacious, vaudevillian vixen, Valentina dazzles audiences around the world with her unique vision of circus dance fusion. Sharing her magic in both performance and workshops is her passion and drive. Valentina is a second generation belly dancer who was raised in the Los Angeles underground art scene by her mother, Leela, a successful theatrical belly dance icon. Valentina now blends belly dance with hooping, fire, burlesque, snake charming and aerial Lyra. Her ability to seamlessly combine these dance forms gives her a provocative style unlike any other. She is the leader of The Hoop Unit, a hoop fabricator and an event producer.


Events of interest that Valentina has had the honor to teach and/or perform at:
The Burlesque Hall of Fame - Las Vegas, NV
The Singapore Grand Prix
Swhoop - Bristol, UK
The San Diego Zoo - San Diego, CA
Nicaragua tour with Performers Without Borders
Rendez-v'Hoop Convention - Paris, France
Ursino Buskers Festival - Catania, Sicily
Belly Fusions Festival - Paris, France
Hoop Convergence - Carborro, NC
Hoop Camp - Santa Cruz, CA
Fire Drums - Northern California
Viva Dallas Burlesque: Cirque du Burlesque - Dallas, Texas
Stars of the Orient - Reims, France
New Orleans Burlesque Festival
Burning Man - Black Rock City, Nevada
Return to Roots Gathering - Pennsylvania
Bustout Burlesque - New Orleans, LA
Spin Summit - Colorado
Fantasia Belly Dance Festival - London, UK
Brighton Flow Fest - UK
Hubba Hubba Revue - San Francisco, CA
Fishnet Follies Burlesque Revue - San Francisco, CA
Cairo Caravan - Long Beach, CA
The Big Time Out Festival - Vancouver Island, Canada

I use Thumbtack to connect with possible private event clients! I have successfully completed juggling gigs through Thumbtack in both San Diego and Los Angeles.
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